Why use stock springs? Stock springs are designed to perform a general purpose and severe duty once in a while. The problem with this is that most stock designs are under rated to comfortably handle heavy duty tasks such as campers or construction equipment. These stressed stock springs could sag and fail. When you tell us how you are using your springs, we will assist in designing your a custom solution to work perfectly in your environment.

Are Rush Orders a worry for you? No problem! Standard lead times range from one to four days, depending on type of service required. But if you’re in a rush, call us for our emergency service.

Cost is always a concern for our customers. We evaluate all aspects of our product pricing and assist you in effective cost solution.

Once a design has been determined, we offer prototyping services that enable you to test the design, and if necessary, make any adjustments that are required.


We perform many services including:

Tractor/Trailer Service
King Pings
Custom Trailer Springs
Passenger Car/Truck Service
Repair/Replace Coil Springs
Front End Alignments
Replace Shocks
Replace Bushings, Ball Joints
Add Extra Leaves
Build Custom Suspensions
U-bolts made while you wait
Install Four Wheel Drive Lift Kits
Repair/Replace Main Leaves
Spring Re-Arching and Repair
Add Overload springs
Install Performance Suspension Kits
Other Misc. Spring parts
Other Misc. Front End parts