2004-2020 FORD F-150 3″ Rear Block Lift Kit 4WD



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2004-2020 F-150 4wd

3 inch lift block/u-bolt kit. (The 3 inch lift blocks replace your factory 1-1/2 inch lift blocks.)

So you lifted the front of your F-150 to level it out and it looked great. Then you hauled your trailer or your 4-wheeler or a bunch of firewood/lumber or installed a topper and now the rear leaf springs have settled and sagged!

Sure you can go with a rear add-a-leaf if you want more carrying capacity but that can stiffen your smooth factory ride!

Now you can get the lift you need without compromising your stock leaf springs.

We designed this kit with strength and ease of installation in mind. The kit takes approximately 1 hour or less to install and requires no special tools. This kit WILL NOT change your factory soft ride at all.

* No extended length shocks are required.*

There’s a reason Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet and all other truck manufacturers use steel for their factory rear spacer/lift blocks and NOT ALUMINUM. Aluminum will corrode and break down over time when placed against steel leaf springs and steel axle seats. Also, some OTHER kit manufacturers want you to place THEIR spacer/ lift block between your factory spacer/block (4wd trucks). This is called double-stacking blocks and it is NOT a safe practice. The corrosion and double-stacking blocks can allow your axle U-bolts to become loose and your rear axle may shift. NOT GOOD!

The kit is manufactured in America with pride.

We use the highest quality materials.
Our newest version 3 inch Tall(4WD) blocks are cast steel and identical to the factory blocks in design. The U-bolts and hardware are grade 8-150,000 psi yield. *Your factory Ford u-bolts are only grade 4.5.* These babies are indestructible and carry a full LIFETIME WARRANTY.

After installing this rear kit and a front leveling kit you will be able to clear up to a 35″ tall tire on a factory width wheel.


Note: After installing this kit you will not need to re-align the front end. Your factory alignment is not affected.


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